Diversifying Work Spaces.

What normally comes to mind when you hear the words diversity and inclusion? I personally think of a colourful organization with many faces, religions, and gender inclusiveness, equivalent to a melting pot culture. Often, I envision what kind of world it could be if pay rates and job opportunities were mutually exclusive. Eventually, these typesContinue reading “Diversifying Work Spaces.”

Is LinkedIn Resourceful?

Nowadays, we are advised to advertise our education and our working credentials, but in reality is that even helpful? I want to discuss some pros and cons behind LinkedIn from an HR perspective. Working in Human Resources we advise our clients to apply to jobs through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a self-promoting platform for professionals. ApplyingContinue reading “Is LinkedIn Resourceful?”

My Education Journey.

As I’m still new to this hemisphere of blogging, I just thought I’d share my level of gratitude for those who have stopped by. I briefly mentioned on my last post that I wanted to touch-base on my education journey in regards to completing my degree after high school. To be honest, I had aContinue reading “My Education Journey.”


Hello All! Welcome to my long-awaited blog. By, long awaited, I mean this has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. My first name is Yasimin and my Mother gave me the middle name Abir. I was born in Saudi Arabia, but familyContinue reading “Welcome.”